The Catholic Knowledge Network

The Catholic Knowledge Network has designed posters for classrooms. The background is that currently students acquire a narrative from the surrounding culture that Catholicism is anti-reason and anti-science. This poster project is an attempt to correct this impression and courteously contribute to a correct understanding of the place of Catholicism, namely as mother of Western civilisation.

 The Catholic Truth Society has turned the ideas and descriptions into visually stunning, A2 laminated posters and with the hope that every Catholic school and many others should have a set. Copies of the latest posters: Thomas Aquinas, Bede the Venerable and Hildegard of Bingen can be downloaded below.  The other posters in the series are Guido d'Arezzo, Maria Agnesi, Georges Lemaître, Gregor Mendel and J.R.R. Tolkien. They can be ordered from the Catholic Truth Society website.