Laudato Si' and environment resources

Below are four Catholic Education Service resources for the second encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato Si': Care For Our Common Home - click the images to download each one. 



A Celebration of Laudato Sí at Home 

Reflect, Pray, Act! This resource has

been created for families to use at

home to learn more about our world

and how we can implement Pope

Francis’ message into everyday life

as a family.

A Celebration of Laudato Sí at School 

This resource has been created for

schools. We have included suggested

ideas for each of our themes: Reflect,

Pray and Act, where children are

encouraged to think creatively, 

prayerfully and practically to make a

difference at school and in the wider


Role Models 

Who inspires you to take care of our

common home? Here we have

included some ‘fact files’ of particular

Catholic role models and Saints who

understood the importance of looking

after and appreciating God’s creation.

Print Outs 

Some of our Home and School

resources can be adapted so that children

can write down their own ideas. We have

created a pack of print outs so that

parents and teachers can share quotes,

questions and the seed bomb / bird

feeder recipes in a way that uses less ink.


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Guardians Of Creation

Guardians of Creation is an interdisciplinary, multi-institutional research programme investigating the technical, sociological, organisational and theological paths to sustainable and ecologically sensitive change in the Catholic Church. St Mary’s University has partnered with Salford Diocese and the Laudato Si’ Research Institute, Campion Hall, Oxford University, to develop a comprehensive program of research. The following are school resources produced as part of the Guardians Of Creation project.  

The Laudato Si’ Champions toolkit and accompanying report was developed through a one-year pilot programme of teaching and learning delivered to 225 Key Stage 3 students, and offers educators a comprehensive template for engaging students in the ecological crisis through Catholic education. The toolkit itself gives educators everything they need to conduct six lessons, at Key Stage 3 level, exploring the intersection of Catholicism and ecology. 

An accompanying report draws on evidence from a survey of 677 Key Stage 3 students and interviews with 83 participants. It explores young people’s experiences, perceptions and beliefs regarding the ecological crisis in depth. The data is used to investigate the development in young people’s relationship to the ecological crisis as they participate in the Laudato Si’ Champions programme, revealing a clear and conclusive set of rationales for implementing the Laudato Si’ Champions Toolkit in any Catholic school.

Caring for Creation was developed over the course of a one-year multiple site case study of eight schools and drawing on evidence given by 83 interviewees. It introduces a model for understanding and facilitating responses to the ecological crisis in Catholic schools.

Its accompanying report begins by exploring the barriers that inhibit Catholic schools’ responses to the ecological crisis, before introducing its model for change, the Caring for Creation model. This describes the phases that Catholic schools in England and Wales pass through in their development of a comprehensive, or whole-school, response to the ecological crisis. Readers who are familiar with Catholic education institutions should be able to identify where their institution is in its progression through the Caring For Creation model, and the consequent actions it should take to develop further.

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